• Hydrographic, Land & Engineering Surveyors

  • Hydrographic, Land & Engineering Surveyors

  • Hydrographic, Land & Engineering Surveyors

Our Services

Over the years we have been involved with surveys and services including but not limited to:

  • Large and Small Scale Topographical Surveys
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Measured Building Surveys
  • BIM services
  • Elevation Surveys
  • GPS surveys
  • Volumetric Analysis and Earthworks Design
  • As-built surveys
  • CAD services
  • River Channel and Flood Plain Surveys
  • Installation of Survey and Engineering Control
  • Beach landing route surveys
  • Setting Out services, Digital Design
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Sub Surface Surveys and underground utility mapping
  • Boundary Demarcation
  • Offshore Bathymetric & Geophysical Surveys
  • UXO survey & clearance
  • Pipeline & Cable Route surveys
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Benthic & environmental sampling
  • Land seismic surveys refraction & UXO
  • Mapping
  • Geodetic Infrastructures
  • Site Surveys
  • Utilities
  • Cathodic protection positioning and depth of burial Surveys
  • GIS Data Capture
  • Monitoring Surveys

Client representative and offshore hydrographic surveying services

Having over 14 years’ experience in Hydrographic, Land and Engineering Surveying working on projects for many leading organisations such as; SSE, Shell, Eon, RWE Npower, National grid and Scottish Gas. We feel well placed to provide Client representative services both onshore and offshore. We have a wide range of skills and abilities developed during these years conducting various surveys and services for a multitude of clients. We hold extensive experience within; geophysical, geotechnical, UXO survey & clearance, environmental, hydrographic survey and installation operations. The majority of this experience being for the oil/gas, pipeline, subsea telecommunication, power cable, offshore/coastal engineering and renewable energy sectors.

The client representative is effectively the eyes and ears of the client and an important link between site and office. The aim of a client representative is to oversee the work being carried out on behalf of a client by contractors or their sub-contractors. It is a significant role that if carried out correctly can be instrumental in the efficient running and successful delivery of a project. The role involves oversight, risk management and HSE adherence and from a client’s project engineering and survey perspective involves complete oversight of scope of work, approved codes of practise and compliance to client company specifications, production levels and reporting.

This starts at mobilization and calibration and invariably does not conclude until completion certificates are signed. Both before and after these events contractual, procedural meetings and procedures are administered. You are interacting daily on a variety of levels so personality counts and diplomacy whilst continually pressing the client’s aims. It’s all about maintaining flexibility, managing challenges and expectations daily.

We are a fully insured Limited Company with 10 year trading history and currently hold full offshore certificates.

Nationwide surveying services

MB Surveying Ltd is owned and managed by Martin Bolton. Since 2004, MB Surveying Ltd has been providing a range of hydrographic land and engineering services to a number of different industry sectors and clients throughout both the UK and Europe. Furthermore, we also offer freelance offshore client representative and hydrographic surveying services to the offshore oil, gas and renewables sectors.


Excellence, experience and expertise

Based on an unrivalled commitment to delivering excellence in customer service, MB Surveying Ltd has developed from the team’s extensive professional experience in hydrographic, land and engineering surveying. This means that from your initial enquiry right through to completion of your project, you are assured of working with one main point of contact that has the knowledge, skills and experience to ensure each project is delivered on time and on budget.

At MB Surveying Ltd we take pride in consistently striving to provide the service levels we promise. As a result, we have earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy business partner. What’s more, we have the flexibility to offer a truly bespoke service which is tailored to your professional or project requirements.


Surveying services throughout the UK and Europe…

MB Surveying Ltd is located in Cheshire. However, due to the nature of the projects undertaken to date, as well as the team’s particular skills set, we cover both the UK and Europe.

The MB Surveying Ltd team has particular knowledge of, and extensive experience within, geophysical, geotechnical, UXO survey and clearance, environmental, hydrographic, land & engineering surveying, and installation operations. This knowledge and experience lies predominantly within the oil / gas, pipeline, subsea telecommunication, power cable, offshore / coastal engineering and renewable energy and contruction sectors.


Surveying services

We offer an extensive range of services, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Topographical land surveys
  • Beach landing cable route surveys
  • 3d laser scanning
  • Measured building surveys
  • BIM services
  • As-built surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Underground utility mapping
  • Setting out services

Hydrographic, Land & Engineering Surveyors

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